Cognitive abilities versus forecasting capabilities

Welcome to the study of cognitive abilities and Judgmental forecasting. The current study includes two separate experiments.

The purpose of the first experiment is to assess your forecasting accuracy, in other words how good you are in predicting the course of a time series.  There are detailed instructions and training rounds in the task, so do not be worried at all if you have not encountered something like this before. The purpose of the experiment is to test everyday people like you.

The purpose of the second experiment is to assess your cognitive abilities performance through various tasks.

Research Objectives/Research Questions

  • How do cognitive abilities correlate with the performance of humans in forecasting tasks.
  • Does a rolling training scheme allow humans with higher cognitive abilities to improve their forecasting accuracy faster?
  • Is time required for producing judgmental forecasts linked with cognitive abilities of individuals?

Thank you in advance for your participation!

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