Forecasting Society goes ISF2014

The founders of the Forecasting Society (Fotios Petropoulos and Nikolaos Kourentzes) attended the International Symposium of Forecasting 2014 (ISF2014) that was organised by the International Institute of Forecasters and held at Rotterdam, Netherlands (June 29 – July 2, 2014).

We had the opportunity to promote the Forecasting Society and discuss with leading researchers in the field of judgmental forecasting regarding the potential of this new initiative. The Society was warmly welcomed and we believe that in the following months a number of judgmental forecasting experiments will be posted on its webpages, rising the numbers of both the contributing researchers as well as participants and members.


Apart from that, the Symposium offered four very interesting and insightful judgmental forecasting sessions, totaling 16 talks. The presentations covered a variety of topics, including the effect of judgmental adjustments, advisors’ credibility, judgmental forecasting in extreme special events, combination of statistical and judgmental approaches, the role of expertise, the effects of providing information, the effects of different graphing formats, and many more.

If you want to learn more about these talks, please check the full program of the ISF2014 here.

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