New Book: Principles of Business Forecasting (2nd Edition)

The last 2017 year was quite productive for academic forecasters in terms of writing and publishing books so that we will introduce new tag ‘books’ now.

Forecasting textbook

So let’s start with a new version of Principles of Business Forecasting by Keith Ord, Robert Fildes and Nikos Kourentzes.

This textbook first introduces both basic and advanced forecasting approaches and then shows these principles in practice. In particular, Chapter 11 focuses on Judgment-Based Forecasting (including new findings and some basic guidelines). Chapters 12 and 13 discuss how the main forecasting principles should be used in practice (this can be interesting and useful for business practitioners especially). One key thing worth mentioning is that R programs and tutorial materials are now available along with other additional appendices for free (you can find it here).

To find a bit more about the book, please see here.

Happy reading and learning!

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